no because this is actually fucking true this prick ass bitch can

  • draw
  • act
  • pretty sure he can sing like a fucking angel
  • and is like super shitting nice
  • and it pisses me off
  • and to add it all
  • he is gorgeous

the only thing we can pick on him for is that he can’t cut fucking tomatoes


UGH I HATE THIS MAN (Not really)


Not only that, but he also

  • Reads a significant amount
  • Reads actual, intellectually stimulating literature
  • Can carry out urbane conversations
  • Is extraordinarily humble and modest
  • Has the leanest waist I may have possibly ever seen
  • Is ginger.


Some more stuff to add on to the list:

  • his immense, extensive vocabulary
  • the ability to look damn good in any type of hairstyle
  • can maintain attractiveness even with that creeper!stache
  • he can fucking write. Seriously, he could have chose to be a journalist or some shit. May I remind everyone about that holiday article he wrote? 


Totally reblogging this again already just for the truth in the comments.

And may I add, he can also

  • play piano
  • play violin
  • scuba dive
  • rock climb
  • ride motorbikes
  • and to add to the writing thing, that piece he wrote about the carjacking was pretty bloody amazing too. I read it so early on after learning of his existence and I cried.
  • oh yeah and his arts funding campaigning. YOU HERO.
  • and his impressions are better than most impressionists I’ve seen



I also heard he’s

  • a fucking fantastic lover


I Just want to stay here a moment and savor this.

This post is so legit can I just add a few more?

  • He’s great with children and wants a bunch.
  • He’s done humanitarian work teaching people English in other countries.
  • He can make faces like a goddamn cartoon character. 
  • He has an excellent taste in shoes, even if the rest of the wardrobe is a little shaky at times. XD

All of the above, fucking hell he really needs to stop. He’s so pretty and talented and clever and genuine and funny and adorable and oh my god I want to cry.

He can’t slice tomatoes.

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